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Pricing update

Vonage is now offering the simple participant pricing model shown here. Our previous stream-subscribed pricing model remains in place for existing contracts and existing billing will not change. To change your billing model, please see our support note or contact your account manager.

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Value-added services for Vonage APIs

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Usage-based pricing for additional Video API features


Individual stream archives
$0.0125 per archive minute
SD composed archives
$0.025 per archive minute
HD composed archives
$0.035 per archive minute

Live Video Streaming

In addition to standard session pricing:

HD content composition

$0.10 per session minute

SD content composition

$0.07 per session minute

Streaming to RTMP services


HLS streaming

$0.005 per viewer minute

SIP Interconnect

Usage is based on the duration of each call to a SIP endpoint
$0.005 per subscribed minute

Voice Only

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Monthly subscription pricing for adding advanced features

Advanced Insights API

$500 per month

HIPAA Compliance (with BAA)

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Enterprise environment

$1,000 Per month. Requires enterprise plan

Allowed IP List

$500 Per month. Requires enterprise environment

Regional media zones

$500 Per month (EU + US)


$1,000 Per month (Germany)


$1,000 Per month (Canada)


$1,000 Per month (Australia)


$1,000 Per month (Japan)


$1,000 Per month (South Korea)

Advanced firewall control

$1,000 Per month (Configurable TURN)


$1,000 Per month (IP Proxy)


$1,500 Per month (Both)

China relay

$1,000 Per month + $0.003 per stream minute

Encrypted recordings

$500 Per month for composed archives

AES-256 Transport Encryption

$500 Per month as available in clients



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