Leverage chatbot technology to transform the customer journey

As the number of channels that customers use to interact with a business grows, so does the need to deliver a consistent experience across them. The difficulty for enterprises is how to achieve an omnichannel experience and support the need for an ‘always-available’ marketplace.

It’s no longer enough to cover a wide variety of channels but with different experiences on each one. Customers now want the same seamless experience regardless of how they choose to interact with you.

The problem for most businesses is the sheer number of channel options, which makes it complex to manage and deliver the flexibility that customers expect. This is particularly pressing for multinational companies, where regional sensibilities, app popularity, and preference for phone and email communication present ongoing challenges.

CPaaS brings control to channels

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) helps enterprises overcome these issues by easily including features such as voice, video, and messaging into business workflows. Multiple channels—such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and SMS—are easily managed from a single platform. The cloud-based platform eliminates the need to build a back-end infrastructure. And applications can be updated more readily as consumer preferences change.

The omnichannel experience is all about enabling a two-way interaction that accommodates customers on their preferred channel and schedule.

Implementing highly-intelligent chatbots through conversational AI technology allows enterprises to meet this need. This goes beyond automated interactions. Customers can achieve the same results as if they had contacted a live person.

Chatbots deliver automation

Conversational AI does more than the typical command-driven chatbot. It gives customers a humanlike experience with the intuitive understanding of the entire conversation, not just the last request. AI integrates into a myriad of back-end systems and processes, uses data and insights to provide tailored answers, and can carry out tasks and transactions.

With conversational AI, you can increase brand innovation by delivering a personalized service 24/7, while broadening your knowledge and understanding of customer behavior. At the same time, the chatbot frees up vital resources in your call center to allow advisors to focus on higher-value requests.

Choosing the right platform

For enterprises, choosing the right conversational AI technology is critical. There are hundreds of chatbot development tools available, but few meet the demands of large organizations.

Most tools rely solely on machine learning to understand and interpret human conversation. However, customized machine learning takes vast amounts of data—and companies just starting to implement natural language solutions don’t enjoy this luxury.

AI technologies also don’t offer much visibility in how they work, operating more like a black box. When something isn’t working as expected, the only way to fix it is to introduce more data…and hope it works. This is not the smart experience one imagines with AI.

Teneo: conversational AI for the enterprise

Artificial Solutions takes a different approach. Although it uses machine learning, it also blends linguistic conditioning to provide control. Through this hybrid mode, businesses combine the advantages of machine learning with a native understanding of language itself that facilitates rapid development and delivers precise and predictable understanding.

The company’s conversational AI development platform, Teneo, allows enterprises to build sophisticated natural language applications in over 35 languages across any platform or channel. Unlike most natural language platforms, Teneo enables businesses to own the data generated. This is important for a couple of reasons.

First, you don’t want to share vital information that you can use to grow your business with potential competitors, such as the tech giants. Also, you want to ensure that data management—in terms of security and data privacy—meets your company policy. Teneo even provides tools to help you achieve compliance with legislation such as GDPR.

The platform includes data analytics that use the information generated to personalize the conversation further, improve the conversational system, and provide actionable insight back to the business.

Easily integrate to maximize benefits

A key feature of Teneo is its ability to easily integrate a wide variety of back-end systems and processes into a conversational AI interface using a pre-built library of intelligent connectors. These span a range of business and AI assets, including CPaaS and RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

This expands the chatbot’s capabilities and enables it to deliver more intelligent responses based on the back-end actions, requests, and processes it has executed. For example, it can approve loan requests by integrating existing RPA sequences, use personalized data from a CRM system to deliver contextually aware responses, or trigger a series of HR events when an employee books leave.

As you might expect, there is a Teneo Connector that integrates with Vonage to automate agent-based live chats and take support channels to the next level—complete with a personalized humanlike interaction and 365/24/7 service.

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The panelists discuss why conversational AI and customer experience go hand-in-hand and how to start your conversational AI journey.

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